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Mighty Ducks Elite Teams

Quack Quack Mighty Ducks Families!

It is awesome to look ahead toward the Summer 2022 for the Mighty Ducks

Elite Teams. We will be bringing back the Mighty Ducks Elite Teams,

which will continue to be coached by our Director Staff of myself, Brent

Adams, Will Manny, Bubba Fairman, and other top-level University of

Utah lacrosse players.

ICYMI: We will be adding University of Maryland All-American Bubba Fairman to our staff starting this summer!

Here's the details that we can share at this moment to give you a sense of what Mighty Ducks will look like this summer.

Graduation Years: We are sad to have our first MD

graduating class, as the 2025s become HS players this spring. This

summer, teams will be organized by the following age groups: 2026/2027 & 2028/2029s.

It is exciting to see our players who were playing UP against

competition, have the opportunity to be the oldest on the team and

compete against their peer age group.

Tryouts: We will be hosting a series of

tryouts for the Mighty Ducks teams. All players will have to re-tryout,

unless you are sent a specific invitation from us.

Summer Schedule & Tournaments
We are targeting practice times, and our goal is to offer 2 practices a week to the Mighty Ducks Teams. We

will be competing in a tournament this summer. Our top choice at this

time is to bring the Mighty Ducks teams to Vail, Colorado on June 21-23.

Questions? Please email us at or!

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