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Welcome to the "NEW" Salt Lake Summit Lacrosse Club for boys, founded in the fall of 2018. Our mission is to create a lacrosse experience that will aid in the personal and athletic development of players by implementing proper fundamentals, skills and the mental toughness to enable YOU to be the best person and lacrosse player YOU can be! We deliver high-level, cutting-edge training to take YOUR game to the next level from MS thru HS and compete in travel tournaments against top competition throughout the east and west coast.

At the helm of our program is Brian Holman's expertise with 35+ years of collegiate coaching and NCAA recruiting along with our PLL All-Star Coaching staff that will help players who aspire to play in college navigate the recruiting process and college search. Our college level Strength and Conditioning Program and Leadership Academy introduces athletes to LIFE-SKILLS that provide the mental framework to build confidence, resilience, respect for others, be a great teammate, and ready for what LIFE brings their way! Our players will know how to "FIND A WAY"!

Coaching provided by Brian Holman, PLL All Star players Will Manny, Adam Ghitelman along with Tim McDermott, Utah men's lacrosse student athletes and additional experienced coaches with collegiate backgrounds. Our program and experience are second to none!



Humility - Honesty - Passion - Gratitude - Trust

*Salt Lax City Summit, LLC is a privately-run sports club and not operated by or through University of Utah. The Club is neither sponsored, controlled, nor supervised by the University of Utah, and under sole sponsorship, control and supervision of Salt Lax City Summit, LLC and Club Owner, Brian Holman.

CONTACT US  *Emergency Calls Only 410.227.5746

REFUND POLICY: To secure a spot on YOUR team after receiving an invitation, there is a $300 non-refundable deposit required with registration. No refunds provided unless player suffers a season ending injury. A partial refund/credit will be provided if dues paid in full and doctor note provided. Within 1 month of season starting, NO REFUNDS as we cannot fill the spot. In the event of a natural disaster, IE. weather, earthquake, pandemic, etc. and our season is forced to cancel before starting date or during, a credit balance will be provided to use for a future event. IF this occurs, we will communicate in a timely manner to all teams with a plan.

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